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Energy Healing Sessions

All of my energy healing sessions invite in the beautiful healing light of angels, archangels & ascended masters. Feel wrapped in divine love and support as the angels gently ground and clear your energy field and balance your chakras. Release blocks and experience positive shifts in your vibration. Receive divine guidance and channeled angel messages. Very much like an angel spa session, these sessions help you to feel deeply energized, relaxed & nourished by love, light and support from the angelic realm. 

All Energy Healing Sessions are $144 /90 minutes

Golden Light Ascension Energy 💛


✨Angel Light Healing Session 😇


Crystal-Rainbow Energy Healing for Kids 😇


💕 Energy Healing for Twin Flames & Sacred Union Relationships

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🙏 Usui-Tibetan Karuna Reiki

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Transcendent Heart Healing Session 💕

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