Andrea Cashman M.Ed, RP, BScN, RN 

Holistic Counselling Services



Welcome to Holistic Counselling Services - 

Where clients can begin to heal in a holistic way

Are you struggling with stress, depression or anxiety?


 -can assist you to take back control in your life

 -can be empowering in helping you make the changes you wish to work on

 -can assist you to develop solutions to specific problems

 -can assist you to improve in your relationships

 -can deepen self awareness and self acceptance

 -can be an alternative to medications in most cases

 -can help break the repeated negative cycles you may find yourself stuck in 

 -can provide a way to ease loneliness 


I am a registered psychotherapist and registered nurse with many years of counselling experience. You are welcome to a confidential, caring, safe and empathic therapy session where you can collaboratively make goals with me as your therapist. 

Welcome to Holistic Counselling Services - 

Where clients are embraced uniquely and holistically 

Holistic Counselling Services

Are you having a hard time coping in your daily life because of the continual negative and painful impact of suffering from mental health related issues? Often times, you may suffer from low self esteem and emotional turmoil which may lead you to turn to drugs or alcohol or some other form of unhealthy coping mechanism to ease the pain. It may be difficult to turn to family and friends for fear of being judged or not receiving the support you anticipate. Whatever your symptoms or ways of coping may be, you have come to the decision to start seeking help and this is a great start in your journey to acheiving well-being.

What you can find on this website:

Holistic Counselling Services is located at 1673 Carling Ave., Suite 202 in Ottawa

To book an appointment, please contact Andrea by phone or email

(613) 899-3109